I Don’t Know….Outlook on Life?

So…this is about school. And how I treat people. I’ve been so much kinder to everyone. I say hello to people I know, I smile at strangers, I attempt to include outsiders, I try to genuinely get to know people I used to look down on because they weren’t ‘cool’ enough. I also try toContinue reading “I Don’t Know….Outlook on Life?”

The Stream of Consciousness of a Performing Pianist

I used to think that only I got nervous for performances, for public speaking, for…well, really, anything public.  And memorized. But, after Interlochen, after hearing pretty much everyone admitted to stage fright (including my teacher, who is a world-class performer and phd of Juilliard…she had a particularly horrifying live-performance horror story), and watching some amazingly talented friends screw up, IContinue reading “The Stream of Consciousness of a Performing Pianist”