Piano Teacher-ed!

I was literally hyperventilating as we pulled up to her house. I had painstakingly crafted each email to be the perfect mixture of polite, respectful, enthusiastic, and intelligent.  I had dropped all my pieces except the ‘two contrasting pieces’ she requested. I’d read between the lines of her short responses until I didn’t even knowContinue reading “Piano Teacher-ed!”


My mother. Let’s talk. She is irrational. She lets her feeling and emotions lead her judgements and actions. She is so overwhelmed with feelings that she fails to incorporate even a small portion of reason into her mind.  She feels that she is perfect. She feels that everything ‘going wrong’ in her life is dueContinue reading “Fuck.”


You know, I live in a quite nice neighborhood.  Next door to my house, there lives a popular girl. She has tons of friends, and like all popular people, she has friends who like to do things such as vandalize property. So this morning, us neighbors woke up to the most severe house TP/egging…well, ever.Continue reading “Neighborhoods”

The Dangers of Entitlement

So the media center was closed for several days last week, leaving me stranded outside and unable to do homework. The horror! Soooo annoying. I sent a email to the librarian. “Are these closed days going to be a regular schedule?” I asked. “It would be very helpful if there was a prior notice orContinue reading “The Dangers of Entitlement”

Perfect Day

Can I just take a moment to acknowledge what a great day I just had? It wasn’t a special day. It was really quite average.  But it was such a good day. 1. It was productive. I got up early, did homework, finished it. Practiced piano and got a whole solid half page of aContinue reading “Perfect Day”

Thousands of Miles Away

You know what I realized? My friends…My true friends, the ones that I trust with my life and my thoughts and my secrets and my dreams….they live thousands and thousands of miles away. Hours of transportation. It’s likely that I will not see them in person for a long time, if ever. About a weekContinue reading “Thousands of Miles Away”

The Satisfaction In Teaching Flute

This Thursday I got the amazing opportunity to teach flute at our local middle school. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but because of scheduling problems the date was changed. I was crushed when I was informed that day. But it was so….fun! Honestly, there’s no other way to put it. I arrived there, andContinue reading “The Satisfaction In Teaching Flute”

Smooth Going – Overview

I don’t really have much to write. No big events. No problems, even, really. Just daily life and everything is la-di-da and amazing.  My grades in all my classes have settled (since now tests and whatnot have been entered) and I have solid A’s…except for freakin’ english because my insane teacher VS refuses to acceptContinue reading “Smooth Going – Overview”