Perfect Day

Can I just take a moment to acknowledge what a great day I just had?

It wasn’t a special day. It was really quite average. 

But it was such a good day.

1. It was productive. I got up early, did homework, finished it. Practiced piano and got a whole solid half page of a WTC in less than in hour. Done. Boom.

2. While I’m on piano, I finally got around to emailing some of my professors from over the summer. I emailed my studio instructor to say thank  you. I emailed another to ask for advice on my WTC. I emailed the last to ask for teacher recommendations in my area. I emailed my school teacher about a club that I’m starting. Made the page for the club and added all the sign-ups to it. All things I had been putting off. 

3. Also on piano, I had my first lesson with RU! It went quite well…it’s out of my comfort zone, which is always good. I’m challenging myself. How? He’s not classical. We’ll be doing pop songs and accompaniment…all which require a lot of knowledge and fluency in keys, chords, and progressions…really just a lot of music theory. Time to apply what I’ve learned.

4. Went out (I can be a pretty content hermit sometimes. Sometimes I have to force myself to get out) to a small group meeting. The content was relevant and I soaked it up. 

5. Choir! I finally got a ride. It was just as great as I thought. I was extra friendly because I do want to make friends. Talked to friend HF….I’m trying to get into her teacher’s studio. It’s tough. I’m nervous.

6. It was a good food day, which is always great.

7. I talked to friend ML (though that sort of went sour…) and friend HW AND OMG THIS NEXT ONE NEEDS A NEW BULLET POINT

8. ERC IS COMING TO VISIT I literally screamed when I got the news and ran around jumping. My mother was pretty amused.

It was just such a great day.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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