The Dangers of Entitlement

So the media center was closed for several days last week, leaving me stranded outside and unable to do homework. The horror! Soooo annoying.

I sent a email to the librarian. “Are these closed days going to be a regular schedule?” I asked. “It would be very helpful if there was a prior notice or something.” 

I’ll admit it. I was annoyed. I was a entitled little brat, and thank god my email only hinted at this. I was on the brink of writing in some attitude expressing the trouble it had caused me (a few hours of waiting around outside the school.)

After no response for a week, I let it go and forgot about it.

Yesterday, in the library (as it was open again), I smiled at the librarian. I had completely put last week out of my mind. But the librarian pulled me to the side. 

“I’m so sorry about the library being close last week,” she apologized. “It’s not going to be regular. Hopefully that won’t happen again.”

“Ok,” I said. I refrained from telling her the ‘inconvenience’ it caused me. And thank god for that.

She looked me dead in the eye and said, “You know, the reason it was closed was because my mother was in a horrific accident. She’s had brain surgery and is now in a coma…”

I was shock still.

“…So I apologize for my absence.”

It was as if she saw straight through me. She saw my little petty thoughts. And she put me to shame.

It was a reminder. Things are never perfect for anyone. Everyone’s going through something awful…

People are fragile. Be careful. Be kind. Be caring. 


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