We pulled up to the castle.

The valet took our car and we were ushered in. 

We were led to a table where 5 servers waited, with the chairs held out for us. As we sat, they pushed the chairs in.

Dinner began.

There were 4 courses. Each was the smallest thing in the world.

The servers literally waited by our tables together so that they could put our plates down at the same time. 

The servers would stand there and tell us what each tiny course was. All in French. As if we understood.

I hated every minute of it.

The servers could obviously see we were not used to this kind of high-class setting. We sat there, completely out of place, eating sickeningly rich foods that were literally dusted with 24 carat gold. They replaced our silverware every course. They laid a napkin over my brother’s table because he got some soup on it. It was ridiculous in every way.

The bill came out. I won’t put the exact amount, but I will say that it was an absurd amount of money. Absolutely, extravagantly, wasteful. I was in such complete shock that I showed no outward reaction.

Looking around, our follower diners literally were not finishing their courses. They were paying the same amount as us, and not even eating. I almost laughed out loud. How rich did you have to be? Did these people really have so much in excess that they could afford to just casually go out to dinners like these? 

There was really nothing more worthwhile that they could spend their money on. Nothing. Not donations, not helping out someone else. Nothing.

I hated it. I hated everything about it. 


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