Piano Teacher-ed!

I was literally hyperventilating as we pulled up to her house.

I had painstakingly crafted each email to be the perfect mixture of polite, respectful, enthusiastic, and intelligent. 

I had dropped all my pieces except the ‘two contrasting pieces’ she requested.

I’d read between the lines of her short responses until I didn’t even know what she saying anymore.

I’d clipped my nails two nights in advance for optimal nail length.

I’d done all my homework for the entire week over the weekend so I could focus on practicing.

When I arrived, we noticed a car parked outside her house, with a lady waiting inside of it. 

“Do you have a child under her as a student?” we asked.

“Oh, no,” she said. “I’m picking up a friend’s student. She’s packed full. She won’t even let any of my 3 sons audition.”

And with that, any hope I had was swept away and run over by a bulldozer.

I walked in, nevertheless, and gave it my all.

And she began to teach me. What?

Near the end, after about an hour of teaching, she piped up, “By the way, I’ll accept you.” As if I hadn’t figured that out already!

I ran outside with an uncontrollable smile on my face. It was just so amazing. 

It’s not going to be easy. She pointed out quite a lot of problems I had with technique and whatnot, but she saw potential and was willing to work. AND, she said that I had a chance at getting into a decent music major!

Just such an unexpected pleasure.


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