I just had two people over for a study sesh. And you know, I think they’re my friends. It’s pretty exciting, when you aren’t trying to make friends but you end up doing so anyway. And they even talked of inviting me to concerts, and ice skating, and whatnot. Which was surprising to me, becauseContinue reading “Cramming…ish”

Pianistic Opportunities

So yesterday I played background music. As guests walked in the door. At a freakin’ multi-million-worth house on the top of a cliff that overlooked the sea and basically the entire area for miles in every direction. The 60 or so seats were sprinkled around beautifully set tables with roses gracing the cloth… The mayorContinue reading “Pianistic Opportunities”

The End of (Marching) Band

It’s officially over, and can I just say that I am stoked.  In all honesty, I don’t really enjoy marching band all that much. I love the people, I love music, I have fun….but marching band itself? Eh. Which is why I’m so glad that today was the last tournament. And I’m free until nextContinue reading “The End of (Marching) Band”


Just had my first (or second?) lesson with DB. She is so great. And by great, I mean amazing. It’s so absolutely perfect…She knows the application process, has connections at the schools, has experience with late-starters like me, and knows exactly how to fix my technique. I. Love. Her. My lesson yesterday was amazing, asContinue reading “Piano-ing”

Midterms and Madness

I’m so relieved right now! I just finished the week-long panic attack that is midterm week. Math on Monday. It was a bit of a wreck. I completely guessed on quite a few questions. I’m not used to that, but then again, it is a AP test. I definitely saw others doing much, much worse.Continue reading “Midterms and Madness”