Can’t deny it.

I liked him. And I still like him.

I said it.

But it’s way too late, and he’s moved on, and it’s not like anything actually could have realistically come of it. 

I keep thinking that he does these little things for me, like he did when he liked me, but nope. I read way too much into things. We’re really…just friends. That’s it. I send him random things, he barely checks them out. He sends me things, I watch them over and over and think that it’s so thoughtful, until he tells me that it was just some random thing sent out of boredom. We Skype, and he tells me about girls that he plans on asking to prom, how pretty certain people are, and plays video games while half listening to what I’m saying. 

It totally kills me. But there’s nothing that I can do.



I just had two people over for a study sesh.

And you know, I think they’re my friends.

It’s pretty exciting, when you aren’t trying to make friends but you end up doing so anyway.

And they even talked of inviting me to concerts, and ice skating, and whatnot. Which was surprising to me, because they’re a pretty tight-knit group. 

And YM is really the nicest guy ever…honestly just a genuinely great person.

Pianistic Opportunities

So yesterday I played background music. As guests walked in the door. At a freakin’ multi-million-worth house on the top of a cliff that overlooked the sea and basically the entire area for miles in every direction. The 60 or so seats were sprinkled around beautifully set tables with roses gracing the cloth…

The mayor of the city (and quite a few other city officials) gave speeches and handed out awards…

It was pretty amazing.

Not to mention the piano was an absolutely gorgeous 9-foot Bosendorfer. That definitely calmed me down. Such a rich, full sound…you have no idea. I don’t even care that I played Arabesque No.1 on repeat. For an hour. You don’t get tired of playing on a piano like that…

The food was delicious. A certain waiter was very friendly, and struck up a conversation about contemporary composers (and ended up giving me a scrap of paper with some suggestions on it). 

A little damper on the evening when a ‘virtuoso pianist’ absolutely butchered Rhapsody in Blue. Then, continued to just hammer out La Campanella in the most painful fashion…

But no matter. It was a great night.

The End of (Marching) Band

It’s officially over, and can I just say that I am stoked. 

In all honesty, I don’t really enjoy marching band all that much. I love the people, I love music, I have fun….but marching band itself? Eh.

Which is why I’m so glad that today was the last tournament. And I’m free until next year.

Next up: Jazz band. Now that’s something I’m looking forward too.


I just had to put something out about today. 

It was such an uneventful day. Nothing special happened, really. But I had the pleasure of making a to-do list, and checking every single thing off. 

I went on a run, finished my math homework and played guitar, all before 10 am. I brought the guitar with me and played it on the way to church. I went to church. I slept in church. I dropped by the grocery store on the way back and got just about everything I needed for the entire week. I researched colleges and audition information, and recorded everything down into a handy excel spreadsheet. I talked to friend ML. I finished a total of 5/8 pages of Chopin’s Ocean etude. I worked out some new fingerings for the Beethoven sonata. I played more guitar. I ate dinner with my mom. I cleaned my room. I studied some SAT prep. I played more piano. I wasted a bit of time with Facebook, but while listening to spanish music. And then I rounded off the night with a good hour of flute harmonizing with myself (don’t ask).

Maybe it’s the extra hour thanks to the time change.

I don’t really care.

It’s just such a good feeling.

I just had to share it with the world.


Just had my first (or second?) lesson with DB. She is so great. And by great, I mean amazing.

It’s so absolutely perfect…She knows the application process, has connections at the schools, has experience with late-starters like me, and knows exactly how to fix my technique. I. Love. Her.

My lesson yesterday was amazing, as well. She literally never stops. The hour is this continuously flow of information, tips, corrections, enlightenment, amazingness. I love it. I love learning. I love piano.