I just had to put something out about today. 

It was such an uneventful day. Nothing special happened, really. But I had the pleasure of making a to-do list, and checking every single thing off. 

I went on a run, finished my math homework and played guitar, all before 10 am. I brought the guitar with me and played it on the way to church. I went to church. I slept in church. I dropped by the grocery store on the way back and got just about everything I needed for the entire week. I researched colleges and audition information, and recorded everything down into a handy excel spreadsheet. I talked to friend ML. I finished a total of 5/8 pages of Chopin’s Ocean etude. I worked out some new fingerings for the Beethoven sonata. I played more guitar. I ate dinner with my mom. I cleaned my room. I studied some SAT prep. I played more piano. I wasted a bit of time with Facebook, but while listening to spanish music. And then I rounded off the night with a good hour of flute harmonizing with myself (don’t ask).

Maybe it’s the extra hour thanks to the time change.

I don’t really care.

It’s just such a good feeling.

I just had to share it with the world.


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