Can’t deny it.

I liked him. And I still like him.

I said it.

But it’s way too late, and he’s moved on, and it’s not like anything actually could have realistically come of it. 

I keep thinking that he does these little things for me, like he did when he liked me, but nope. I read way too much into things. We’re really…just friends. That’s it. I send him random things, he barely checks them out. He sends me things, I watch them over and over and think that it’s so thoughtful, until he tells me that it was just some random thing sent out of boredom. We Skype, and he tells me about girls that he plans on asking to prom, how pretty certain people are, and plays video games while half listening to what I’m saying. 

It totally kills me. But there’s nothing that I can do.

Published by unknownandanonymous

A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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