Ice Skating

OK, last one. I went ice skating. Not much important about this, just that it was the only remnant of my social life over the entire week. I went with Friend SS and MB. Naturally, since Friend SS planned it, we weren’t the only ones. ZK, TG, KW, and CM also came. Popular people. It […]


Ok. Caroling. MYGODITWASAMAZING. I got there and I felt all awkward because I only knew Friend SS, LAS, LB, and HF, and I was just kind of doing my own thing on the side. But then we started caroling. We would sing Silent Night, which was beautiful. I sang alto. I love singing alto. I […]

My Pitiful Social Life

…Is on the verge of dying. Let’s go over what I’ve done in the past week, which I’ve had completely off. Friday: Band Christmas party, which was surprisingly fun. Actually, band in general is surprisingly fun, now that *ahem* certain people are gone, and I don’t care what other certain people think. Saturday: Went to a volunteer […]