Ice Skating

OK, last one. I went ice skating. Not much important about this, just that it was the only remnant of my social life over the entire week. I went with Friend SS and MB. Naturally, since Friend SS planned it, we weren’t the only ones. ZK, TG, KW, and CM also came. Popular people. ItContinue reading “Ice Skating”


Ok. Caroling. MYGODITWASAMAZING. I got there and I felt all awkward because I only knew Friend SS, LAS, LB, and HF, and I was just kind of doing my own thing on the side. But then we started caroling. We would sing Silent Night, which was beautiful. I sang alto. I love singing alto. IContinue reading “Caroling”

My Pitiful Social Life

…Is on the verge of dying. Let’s go over what I’ve done in the past week, which I’ve had completely off. Friday: Band Christmas party, which was surprisingly fun. Actually, band in general is surprisingly fun, now that *ahem* certain people are gone, and I don’t care what other certain people think. Saturday: Went to a volunteerContinue reading “My Pitiful Social Life”