“Do you mind if a guy comes and hangs out with us?”

Why the heck not?

So the guy came over. He was a scraggly guy, exactly the group of people that avoided me. But hey, who cares about social groups? Not me.

After a while of him making fun of my friend for studying for a test (not that he was being mean. He was just trying to be cool.), I decided to stick it to him. 

“Do you have homework?” I asked.

“Me? Homework?…..yeah. Why?”

“You should totes do it.” 

And then I spent a full 10 minutes convincing him to do his homework, and telling him why education is so important. The poor guy. He had it coming. 

It bothers me, but I really do care for people like him. Like, I want them to get jobs and be happy, not drop out of school and do drugs at the park and live at home. Why do I care? I don’t know. No one else does, and maybe they’re right for not caring. What can they do? What can I do?

Obviously, lecture about how much I love school to strangers.


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