Not business connections. More like relationships. And not like relationships. Just…relationships. With other people. You know. What was it, last Friday? Yeah. I just talked to everyone. And made eye contact. And really tried to get to know people. And you know, people like that. They open up. Because not many people really get to knowContinue reading “Connections”

YM. Again.

Yes, again. Yes, the day after the last post about the same exact guy. Sorry. We went to the study session (not together), but after, the entire asian guy crew (Yes, all of them) waited for me. I think I’ve been assimilated. I’m officially…an asian guy. They even invited me to their Skype session last night.Continue reading “YM. Again.”

Studying with Asians

‘Twas the weekend before finals week, and all the asians were studying. True story. I went to SNK C’s for the study session. Remember him? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I love that guy. He’s genuinely kind, easy-going, and always tries to make things easy for others. He’s into music. What’s not to like? I can talkContinue reading “Studying with Asians”


My family actually disgusts me. Why? My aunt and my mother are literally fighting about the funeral. The funeral. My aunt threw a really mature, screaming tantrum, throwing her computer on the floor and screaming for about 30 minutes straight. Then she went right up to me and told me my mom sucked. She screamed at me. Continue reading “*Sigh*”