My family actually disgusts me.


My aunt and my mother are literally fighting about the funeral. The funeral. My aunt threw a really mature, screaming tantrum, throwing her computer on the floor and screaming for about 30 minutes straight. Then she went right up to me and told me my mom sucked. She screamed at me. 

Well, this didn’t really affect me all that much, since, well, you know, I was raised with my parents. I was a bit surprised, because usually, people don’t want to be seen that way by anyone outside of their immediate family.

On a side note, I thought it was hilarious that my mom thought I would be frightened. She told me to go to my room. Hell no, I told her. I have to practice piano. After 16 years of them, she thought I would be frightened? What’s her logic?

Who’s right? I don’t know, because what they’re fighting about is basically the interpretation of what my grandpa said to the adults only, in a closed room, of which there is no record of. I have no idea what he actually said. Frankly, I don’t care either way, but the yelling and screaming is just shameful. He’s dead. He’s dead, and my family is supposedly in mourning, and they are screaming at each other.



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