Studying with Asians

‘Twas the weekend before finals week, and all the asians were studying.

True story.

I went to SNK C’s for the study session. Remember him? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I love that guy.

He’s genuinely kind, easy-going, and always tries to make things easy for others. He’s into music. What’s not to like? I can talk about anything with him. Awesome guy.

Anyway, I showed up first at his house. To be honest, I really only went in the hopes that YM would go, because I love that guy, too. Anyway, we were amazingly productive. Really. Then CL (Asian guy AG #2) showed up. Still productive.

Then YM showed up. And he was trying to work, really. But I think there’s an actual limit on the number of people at a study session before it becomes utterly useless to try to be productive.

Anyway, when the rest of the Asian guys came, it was all over. And thank god my mom came to pick me up early, because, while I love talking to them (absolutely no reason to be self-conscious – I mean, in the nicest possible way, I can let myself go completely because I don’t feel the need to impress anyone), I really did have a lot to do.

So…finals. Here we go.


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