Math class

I love seating charts. Most people hate them – they complain, they whine – why can’t they sit next to their friends? Ugh, they say. So annoying. But I love them. They give one a chance to meet new people, and become acquainted with one’s peers who one may not have ever thought to talk […]


JL…another perfect guy.  Never knew him that well, but he joined the composting crew. And yeah. He’s perfect. We spend half our time talking in awful British accents. He carries great conversations – but silence isn’t awkward because we’re both introverts. He’s a genius. He fits in everywhere because he’s half Chinese, half white – […]

Foreign Day #10

Sunday. I had PD over early for a physics review, but that.. er…flopped. Played ping pong with FR for about an hour – “ping pong”. We played ping pong for about 2 minutes, before it transferred into a paddle less game, then a contest to see who could roll the ping pong over the garage […]