Band Party

Went to a band party last night. I was debating whether to go or not (college sample lessons next week!), but I went – I’m ashamed to say that had WB not been there, I may have swung the other way.

Got there and jumped in the jacuzzi, which filled up in a few minutes. I dunked a few times in the cold pool – people were freaking out about it, but thanks to water polo I’m pretty much immune.

We played a game after a while, which consisted of random hissing and messing with people, after which I spent the next hour or so alternating between cannonballing into the pool and collected bubbles in the jacuzzi.

After a bit, we all sat around a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and sang songs with a guitar and a ukulele (because, um, we’re all in band) and just sat around. I love it – literally perfect. And the fire was warm, and WB and I threw kettle corn at each other, and banter with SNK C, and my legs were in criss-cross-apple-sauce, and my hair was a semi-wet mess from the pool, and everyone was singing, and I leaned back and closed my eyes and it was so great.



Math class

I love seating charts.

Most people hate them – they complain, they whine – why can’t they sit next to their friends? Ugh, they say. So annoying.

But I love them.

They give one a chance to meet new people, and become acquainted with one’s peers who one may not have ever thought to talk to before. You know what happens when there is no seating chart? Each friend group finds its own little circle of the classroom, and bodies are permanently faced inwards, shutting out other interaction. It’s very difficult to get to know people when they’re preoccupied with their more important friends. Sure, we’ll all say hi, but start a conversation with one and it doesn’t go far. And why would it?

So, there, I’ve said it: I like seating charts. 

Case in point, math class. The thing I love about math class, also, is that not only are the seats chosen by the teacher, but they are also arranged in small groups. So, a group of strangers are forced to get to know each other. Beautiful. 

My last group consisted of a quiet, studious girl, a hilarious extroverted (and actually kind) football jock, and a…well, I don’t want to be mean, but he’s a scrawny slacker-party kind of guy. Man, I loved that table. Football jock would crack jokes and give me candy, Slacker would fall asleep but laugh with me at Football Jock (and let me use his desk as a footrest), and Studious Girl would sort of work in the corner, reliably there when I needed a companion to actually do math. We had chemistry. And none of them were people I would normally associate with.

My current group: There’s RH, a speech-and-debater who honestly is one of the funniest guys I know, in a sarcastic way – he just points out all these things about random situations that just makes it hilarious. There’s ZK, who’s a popular football jock but also an engineering nerd – he carries banter really well, and he’s decided to help me make a compost-sifting machine. And there ED, who I don’t talk about much here but is actually one of my best friends simply because she’s so kind.

Man, I love seating charts.


JL…another perfect guy. 

Never knew him that well, but he joined the composting crew. And yeah. He’s perfect.

We spend half our time talking in awful British accents. He carries great conversations – but silence isn’t awkward because we’re both introverts. He’s a genius. He fits in everywhere because he’s half Chinese, half white – and you know what that means? He’s got the brains, and the social skills. And the work ethic. He looks Chinese – but only if he tells you that he is. He’s athletic.

He’s kind, and funny, and afskgdjlfsa;skdg why can’t I be him.

Sat next to him doing homework all yesterday while we waited for jazz band, and I gave him some of my grapefruit. He waited for me to put on my gross shoes when everyone went outside. We have a running joke – we always pantomime when we say ‘compost’. I think we’re friends.

Foreign Day #14

Anddd…he’s gone 😥

Up early in the morning – he didn’t wake up. Made pizza and walked up to call him down, and he was just standing in his room with random crap on the floor and just so helpless – he couldn’t fit everything into his suitcase. It was beyond adorable. I helped him pack, and gave him his present.

We ate pizza. 

We went to school.Took an awkward picture. Bell rang. Gave him a hug, told him I’d miss him, and ran off to take my physics midterm.

It made me sad – it was such a sucky goodbye.

Foreign Day #13

Pretty much the last day. He came to APUSH, where he didn’t fight the teacher about history (we’d decided to on Tuesday night, but there wasn’t much to fight). Left me for math, and lunch he hung out with the foreigns while I went to physics. I was kind of bummed – like, I wanted to hang out with them, but I didn’t want to be the clingy host sibling. Also, I actually did need to go to physics. I walked to English from there was WB.

When I got home from composting, he was home. The guys went and played tennis while I sat at home and studied physics. Physics. Ew.

Piano, then jazz band – he went to costco, because what is American culture without a trip to costco? Free food and large quantities of everything. Go America.

Hid after Jazz band (for awkward reasons, ok?), but WB waited for my mom to come. Wasn’t going to leave a girl there alone, he said.

FR and I went to Subway, then Henry’s, where he got chocolate covered pretzels to bring back to his country. Of all things. And you know what else? Dried seaweed. He bought dried seaweed to bring back. Cracks me up.

That night was uneventful – I studied.

Foreign Day #12

Last physics class, last band class, last spanish class. He hung out outside during band – and when I came out he was just sitting there alone because the other foreigns had left, and he’d waited for me. And he gave me this leaf-crown-thing! It was so adorable. We spent the entire lunch making leaf bracelets and leaf rings and stuff. I asked him if he wanted to go find his foreign friends, but he was like “No, this is fun too.”

We walked up eventually, and he stuck the crown on my head (and then fixed it because it was backwards) and WB walked by and sort of told me how cool I was (that is to say…not cool. Haha.). One of the foreigns looks like an elf (in a totally good way), so I tried super hard to get him to wear the leaf crown, but he refused. I left the leaf crown with the foreigns when I left for class – unspoken message: get a picture of it. They tried hard, but…no. 😦 It was still fun.

I let him go shopping after school, and that was that.

He came home around dinner time, and showed me all the stuff he’d bought. A funny straw. Of all things. Then, we sat and talked and I didn’t study physics for about 2 hours. And I forced him to make a Facebook. And we added each other on Skype. And he showed me lederhosen. And I made him my screen wallpaper on my new phone. And we got each other’s number (well…he threw it at me from upstairs).

Ugh. He’s like what I want my brothers to be like.

Foreign Day #11

Monday. Woke up a bit late…

FR came to my history class, where he joined in to the class activity after I invited him. He ditched me for math and english, though, because the foreigns were planning an invasion of some poor class. Later, he asked me if I minded that he left, and I was all “Noooo.” And I don’t, really. Although I am sad because I love FR 😦

Study buddies – he kind of just sat there bored, but we played 2 touch outside afterwards. My study buddy refused to like him because he was a boy. So funny.

Go-carting! We got there, and I talked to the other foreigns for a bit. We sat on the couch and just chilled.

Go carted. I did….better than FR, which is all that mattered 🙂 we slammed each other on accident, and now we have identical bruises on our legs.

Second run, FR and I challenged each other. He turned around in his seat and gave me a huge grin and a thumbs up; I gave him an ‘I’m watching you’ hand gesture. And we raced.

And I absolutely sucked. Whatever. He beat me.

It was ok, though. Still fun, and we spent the car ride home joking about the crash, and strategy, and teasing that I would transfer my go-carting ineptitude and speeding to real life-driving.