Jazz Band and the Ride Situation

So…WB apologized for leaving me last night at honor jazz band. Alone. Awkwardly with the teacher, who refused to talk to me.

I went to talk to him today after our jazz band, and he told me I was way better than the other pianist at honor jazz band! I was so surprised. And like 3 people backed him on that – and our instructor told me that the honor jazz teacher had been very pleased that I’d come.

And when my ride told me that he wasn’t going anymore, and I realized that that meant I couldn’t do jazz band, WB and CP automatically offered rides for me, even though I live literally 30 minutes out of the way for them. I couldn’t make them do that, but they insisted, and WB tapped my leg and was just like “Please let us give you rides. We really want you in the ensemble.” 

And that pretty much made my day.


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