Foreign Day #5

Today! Super late start, so we headed to breakfast with CM and her foreign, RU and his two foreigns, and EC, GH, and TC joined up too. Breakfast went well.

Class was relatively boring, but after 1st, Foreign opened up. It’s pretty interesting seeing him with his foreign friends – I get a sense of how he interacts with his peers. It’s not really an accurate picture of him when he’s talking to my mom. I got some satisfaction that I’m pretty sure he enjoys my company, as the other foreigns ditched their hosts and he stuck by me 🙂

I enjoyed the foreigns at lunch – they’re actually a fun bunch. They have perverted jokes and whatnot, too. Who knew. Teens are teens everywhere.

It was RU’s birthday, so I dropped Foreign off and got sucked in. We messed with RU’s garage for a bit, and I met a hipster foreign who was absolutely hilarious. Played some video games, then peaced out.

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