Foreign Day #6

So the foreign went out on an excursion today, so I went to school alone 😦 

Went to piano, and picked up Foreign FR (that’s my foreign) on the way to jazz band. Then picked up Foreign TV, because he loves music and why not?

Popped in, said hi to WB and CP, introduced the foreigns, which always makes this big crowd. We split into sectionals, so the foreigns went with saxes, but came out to see the rhythm section midway through. 

Talked to TV on the way home, and I absolutely love talking to TV and FR when they’re together. They make each other comfortable and nothing’s awkward. I invited TV to our house to play our piano, because yesterday he’d told me how sad he was that his host family’s had no pedal. 

And…uh…he’s playing very difficult repertoire. Too difficult for his level. HIs hands are so stiff (like I used to be…but did I really sound like that?) and I was honestly worried for my piano. Actually.

But hey, he’s super nice and dorky and I really like him!

I’m gonna miss all the foreigns when they leave, especially because they don’t have facebooks. I’ll miss them. They probably won’t miss me :/


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