Foreign Day #7

Day 7 started extra early for me with a bright and early APUSH review session. I obviously left FR at home to sleep a decent amount. We planned for him to follow my bro K around for the first two periods of the day, and then he would come to my last to watch my presentation. He showed up at break with WB, who’d seen him looking lost at the office and decided to walk FR all the way up to where WB somehow knew I always was at break. I was pretty surprised – but they all looked really happy. Turns out FR slept in and just skipped out on 1st period.

Math was a big hole of confusion.

I went to this teacher-nominated student lunch thing, because apparently my teacher likes me! I brought FR, who tried real mexican food for the first time. It was pretty funny that he didn’t know what guacamole was.

English – I presented, otherwise boring. Before English, though, I was talking to FR, and he was telling me how he didn’t like one of the other foreigns because she was a drama queen. I don’t remember what I said, but he was just like “Of course, you’re too nice!” D’aww. And then WB came walking up in his awkward way, stopped next to us, and just broke out a smile. Man I love WB.

I talked to some foreigns in the meadow, and FR and I exchanged a slap-fist-pump-rocket thing, because that’s apparently a worldwide thing, haha.

I composted with just JL, which was pretty fun because we spoke the entire time in British accents.

Anyway, after jazz band that night, FR came home. He told us about his day, and he was so excited :). Then he invited me to go go-carting on Monday! I wanted to so badly, but we’ll see. But he was so adorable about it – he was like, “I’ve already asked [the person] if you could go, and she said yes.” So he thought of me right away! Yayyy.


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