Foreign Day #8

Day #8?!?! This is going by way too fast.

Physics this morning was surprisingly fun just because I had fun talking to people. FR knew everything, of course, and helped out on the quiz.

Band was ok – FR went off to experience an American PE class.

Lunch, we had food club, and I sent FR to fetch more foreigns to get free food. He took a tad too long, and as I saw him from afar, I just yelled that there was no more food…and all the guys he brought with him just groaned and laughed. It’s funny how very normal they all are. Except for their accents, they would honestly fit right in at our school.

Talked outside for a bit, talked to WB inside for a bit. MG hilariously has a massive crush on FR – she started hyperventilating, and when I introduced her to him, all she squeaked out was “We’re the same age…” and then turned away in shame, squeaking as she left. Literally the funniest thing. 

FR ditched me again for Spanish. Eh.

Then I sent him to go shopping while I practiced piano – he came back around 7 and we headed to Souplantation. 

The car ride there was pleasant conversation, and when we got to the place, he was surprised because he’d never seen anything quite like Souplantation. We sat down and started talking while we ate – the real conversation got rolling when we finished eating, though. I realized – he’s actually very intelligent. We carried a true conversation. He talked about intelligence – the memorized kind versus the innate intuition. He talked about TV, and how he was a bit cocky and though he was superior – FR actually picks up on a lot. We were searching for the right word, and my mom suggested ‘shy’, and FR said no – he wasn’t shy, but he just didn’t open up to everyone. 

We talked about more. FR carries a convo quite well, actually, cracking jokes and sharing funny anecdotes. He talked mostly to me, with my mom sort of third wheeling it.

It was a good night. I absolutely adore FR.

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