Foreign Day #10

Sunday. I had PD over early for a physics review, but that.. er…flopped.

Played ping pong with FR for about an hour – “ping pong”. We played ping pong for about 2 minutes, before it transferred into a paddle less game, then a contest to see who could roll the ping pong over the garage door, close the garage door, jump to the other side and catch the ping pong. And that switched to a street game that basically was us hitting the ping pong across the street and over cars when they drove by. Way funnnn.

Went bowling around noon with the M’s, TV, and FR (and my bro E who came home from college!). Turns out the foreigns are all freaking amazing at bowling. Apparently, back home they have lanes that are just like normal ground, (not “slimy”, according to FR. You mean….slippery? Haha.) and 9 pins. Whatever it is, their balls travel extremely fast, and they hit strikes an annoying number of times, especially when I’m on the other team.

We started out in two different lanes, just playing. I was with my bro and one of the M’s. It was feeling a bit separated, so we played teams, and to even it out FR came to my side. 

Ridiculous how strong he is, and how straight and fast his throws are. And how annoying, there was always one pin left standing, I think because his throws were so straight – no curve, no spin. But still. We had a little inside joke and gave each other high six’s, or high seven’s, and fist pumped when I threw two gutters in a row.

We went to a chinese buffet after, where I actually saw FR eat a lot. We shot spit balls at each other. Pretty fun stuff.

He played video games with my bros all night. What am I gonna do about it, though. Whatever haha.

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