Foreign Day #12

Last physics class, last band class, last spanish class. He hung out outside during band – and when I came out he was just sitting there alone because the other foreigns had left, and he’d waited for me. And he gave me this leaf-crown-thing! It was so adorable. We spent the entire lunch making leaf bracelets and leaf rings and stuff. I asked him if he wanted to go find his foreign friends, but he was like “No, this is fun too.”

We walked up eventually, and he stuck the crown on my head (and then fixed it because it was backwards) and WB walked by and sort of told me how cool I was (that is to say…not cool. Haha.). One of the foreigns looks like an elf (in a totally good way), so I tried super hard to get him to wear the leaf crown, but he refused. I left the leaf crown with the foreigns when I left for class – unspoken message: get a picture of it. They tried hard, but…no. 😦 It was still fun.

I let him go shopping after school, and that was that.

He came home around dinner time, and showed me all the stuff he’d bought. A funny straw. Of all things. Then, we sat and talked and I didn’t study physics for about 2 hours. And I forced him to make a Facebook. And we added each other on Skype. And he showed me lederhosen. And I made him my screen wallpaper on my new phone. And we got each other’s number (well…he threw it at me from upstairs).

Ugh. He’s like what I want my brothers to be like.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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