Band Party

Went to a band party last night. I was debating whether to go or not (college sample lessons next week!), but I went – I’m ashamed to say that had WB not been there, I may have swung the other way.

Got there and jumped in the jacuzzi, which filled up in a few minutes. I dunked a few times in the cold pool – people were freaking out about it, but thanks to water polo I’m pretty much immune.

We played a game after a while, which consisted of random hissing and messing with people, after which I spent the next hour or so alternating between cannonballing into the pool and collected bubbles in the jacuzzi.

After a bit, we all sat around a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and sang songs with a guitar and a ukulele (because, um, we’re all in band) and just sat around. I love it – literally perfect. And the fire was warm, and WB and I threw kettle corn at each other, and banter with SNK C, and my legs were in criss-cross-apple-sauce, and my hair was a semi-wet mess from the pool, and everyone was singing, and I leaned back and closed my eyes and it was so great.


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