Math class

I love seating charts.

Most people hate them – they complain, they whine – why can’t they sit next to their friends? Ugh, they say. So annoying.

But I love them.

They give one a chance to meet new people, and become acquainted with one’s peers who one may not have ever thought to talk to before. You know what happens when there is no seating chart? Each friend group finds its own little circle of the classroom, and bodies are permanently faced inwards, shutting out other interaction. It’s very difficult to get to know people when they’re preoccupied with their more important friends. Sure, we’ll all say hi, but start a conversation with one and it doesn’t go far. And why would it?

So, there, I’ve said it: I like seating charts. 

Case in point, math class. The thing I love about math class, also, is that not only are the seats chosen by the teacher, but they are also arranged in small groups. So, a group of strangers are forced to get to know each other. Beautiful. 

My last group consisted of a quiet, studious girl, a hilarious extroverted (and actually kind) football jock, and a…well, I don’t want to be mean, but he’s a scrawny slacker-party kind of guy. Man, I loved that table. Football jock would crack jokes and give me candy, Slacker would fall asleep but laugh with me at Football Jock (and let me use his desk as a footrest), and Studious Girl would sort of work in the corner, reliably there when I needed a companion to actually do math. We had chemistry. And none of them were people I would normally associate with.

My current group: There’s RH, a speech-and-debater who honestly is one of the funniest guys I know, in a sarcastic way – he just points out all these things about random situations that just makes it hilarious. There’s ZK, who’s a popular football jock but also an engineering nerd – he carries banter really well, and he’s decided to help me make a compost-sifting machine. And there ED, who I don’t talk about much here but is actually one of my best friends simply because she’s so kind.

Man, I love seating charts.

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