College Visits Day #4: Indianapolis 4/8/14

Drove out of Bloomington to Indianapolis for B University.

Admission’s information session – saw the SAT stats, which just about ruined my impression of the school.

Met the teacher, who was nice and introduced me to the Head of the Music Department, who didn’t remember me from Interlochen. After, we went to a rehearsal of the faculty – a quartet that was pretty interesting to see – they were so good at collaborating. Each would just chime in when they had something to add, and they would discuss. It was efficient, though there was no one leader. Everyone was extremely kind, but the department came off as a little…desperate. 

Maybe as a safety school.

We explored downtown, and had a ‘Baked Alaska’ – basically an alcoholic s’more kind of thing. Saw a concert, then headed out to Cincinnati. 

*Note: All ‘College Visit’ posts are my journal entries from spring break of 2014, when I visited the Midwest area for, well….college visits. I typed them up when I got home.


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