College Visits Day #5: Cincinnati 4/9/14

Well…today was surprisingly wonderful.

Fought through Cincy’s 8am traffic – got to the place early anyway. The facilities were gorgeous. Had a tour and a Q&A session, then went to classes.

Advanced Jazz Improv. Oh man. THey literally just jammed for an hour…the teacher gave some guidance and some awesome tips (which I wrote down and discreetly video recorded). SO COOL.

Then Theory 4. Also oh man. The Berio Sinfonia – with quotes layered all over so the listeners heard different things based on one’s past experiences. So. Trippy. It layered Mahler, Debussy, but again, you don’t hear it unless you know it.

I got the handouts from both classes! AHHHHH.

We chowed at the student cafeteria – $7/person? Yes, please.

Had my lesson with the professor. Talked to an awesome dude in the hallway. He had Beats headphones, a 5’clock shadow, and he a plaid shirt with sagging jeans. Turns out he’s a classical pianist. He was bobbing his head to his music – had I seen him on the street, I would have instantly assumed some sort of rap. I wished I’d asked him what he’d been listening to.

He told me he was playing a Scriabin etude, a Brahms intermezzo, and a Bach English Suite. So awesome.

THE LESSON WAS AMAZING. He used so much descriptive imagery – and being a visual learner, it was very effective on me. My favorite teacher by far. He said he thought I could get in!

Chilled and walked around downtown until 6:45pm, when I went to see a student piano recital, which was slightly disappointing.

Saw a cellist, who was absolutely hilarious. He played with a neck strap! He sang and honestly treated his cello like a guitar.

Drove to Columbus. I loved CCM. Perfect. Tons of asians, though, which worried my mom. She’s staunchly against it. 

*Note: All ‘College Visit’ posts are my journal entries from spring break of 2014, when I visited the Midwest area for, well….college visits. I typed them up when I got home.


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