College Visits Day #6: Columbus 4/6/14

Ohio State got off to a bad start. Our tour was at 1pm, so we had zero motivation to be productive – we got out of the hotel around 9:30am, drove there, tried to find parking for an entire hour. My mom thought the area looked bad, so of course, she automatically hated the school. Wanted to just move on to the next city right then and there, based solely off the image. Typical.

So…she stayed in the car while I went to explore. I found the practice rooms, where some piano major let me in. All Steinways, although not the newest pianos I’ve seen, they were still better than those at, say, B University. 

I got a call from the professor, who hadn’t responded to my email ever…but she was very friendly and helpful. She set me up for a meeting with the head of the pedagogy department.

Went on the tour – the most thorough tour I’ve ever been on. Of course, my mom fell in love with the tour guide, and therefore, the school itself. I have to admit, it was pretty impressive. The facilities are amazing.

Met up with the the pedagogy professor for an informal interview of sorts – actually, more like a chat. Then a lesson with the professor – she was ABC, and totally utilized that common area. She wore this pink suit that unfortunately reminded me of that creepy lady from Harry Potter. But she was nice. *Very* different interpretations, though.

Dinner at the cafeteria, then my naive mom loitered around at a Juicy J rap concert. I was pretty angry – I mean, Oberlin tomorrow! Come on! It was a tense, angry drive to the Oberlin hotel.

*Note: All ‘College Visit’ posts are my journal entries from spring break of 2014, when I visited the Midwest area for, well….college visits. I typed them up when I got home.


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