College Visits Day #7: Oberlin 4/11/14

Man oh man oh man. Why.

I visited Oberlin. 

Not because I was actually considering the school – there’s no way I could get in – but because it’s like Harvard. Or Stanford. And it was on the way – why not, ya know?

 Well, I fell in love.

The info session, the tour – when I went exploring solo when I first got there – the first thing I heard in the [all Steinway] practice rooms was Chopin Ballade No. 4. Wut.

And then they sold me on the whole double major thing by presenting it as totally doable.

Went off to the practice rooms – gosh. There are 2 FLOORS OF STEINWAY GRANDS. SO MANY. I would never need to wait for a practice room. 

Practiced for an hour, then went to the info session for the general college. That sealed the deal. I’m hooked. I WANT TO GO THERE.

Rushed back to sit in on Music Theory 2 class at 2:30 – something about the augmented 6 chord. Interesting, and the atmosphere was so chill. Every classroom has a Steinway. God, I love music.

Went to a studio class – beautiful, casual, and chill. Didn’t seem like a cutthroat atmosphere at all. A guy screwed up badly, but it was so chill and everyone just laughed it off good-naturedly.

Practice practice practice for the lesson.

The lesson – wow. A totally new technique. He basically undid everything DB’d worked to fix the past few months.

It was interesting. Not sure if I liked it, but I loved the professor – so easy to learn and I felt comfortable asking questions. We both – and he actually mentioned this within the first few minutes – have analytical minds.

Left Oberlin right away (sadly) to go meet my mom’s friends for dinner – they lived in Cleveland. Had Chinese. I didn’t quite like the wife at first – she kept making observations about me, to my mom, like I couldn’t hear her. Like, “Your daughter is reserved,” or, “She just smiles, huh? But doesn’t actually say anything.” That pissed me off – I gave my shut-down side – it’s really oddly confrontational and deliberate, but nice – like a hidden message: STFU. It gets people taking me seriously. I retorted something like “I talk when I have something to actually say.” 

After that, she started to take me more seriously, and I enjoyed our conversation a lot more.

 Went to their house, where of course I was forced to perform so they could compare me to their son. I hate Asian families; everything is a competition. Even the conversation at dinner was all about the kids’ accomplishments. We’re all just show ponies for our parents.

BTW, I loved the husband. So quirky, kind, and funny – in that lovable asian-dad way.

CMU tomorrow.

*Note: All ‘College Visit’ posts are my journal entries from spring break of 2014, when I visited the Midwest area for, well….college visits. I typed them up when I got home.


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