Ok, as promised, a TC post.

TC is CM’s boyfriend. CM has become one of my good friends this year. I’ve known TC since middle school, and since middle school, he’s annoyed the heck out of me, just because he was such an asshole. It honestly pissed me off.

The past month? Not so much.

He taught me to sculpt a pot on the wheel. And he was super nice about it. 

He and I bond over bemusement at CM’s various daily struggles.

But I really just like him for how he treats CM. 

He makes fun of her, and she complains about it all the time, but really, you can tell it’s all a facade. They really like each other. They know each other inside out. I always tell them, they’re basically the old, middle-aged, grumpy couple. They won’t show affection, really, and when CM messes with her hair, TC gruffly tells her to quit it because “GOD, stop, you look pretty enough.”

Case in point, at prom, I walk past the bathrooms to see TC standing outside, looking forlorn, hold CM’s 3 purses. It was the cutest thing, actually. He catches my eye, we share that bemused look, and from his rolled eyes and chuckle, I understand. Telepathically, I know. I go into the bathroom and fetch CM. 

That’s why they’re cute. TC will spend 10 minutes standing alone outside the girl’s bathroom holding CM’s stuff. He’ll complain, and roll his eyes, and tell me how ridiculous and dysfunctional CM is. I’ll chuckle in camaraderie, but I know – because, well, he’s spending 10 minutes standing alone outside the girl’s bathroom holding CM’s stuff. And I think that’s the greatest thing.

Prom 2014: The rundown

Overall? Prom 2014 was a blast; the night went by way too quickly, and I would do it over again in a second.

The rundown:

Talked about life, religion, and family on the balcony outside with WB. I had no sense of time. It went by really quickly, but I think it might of been longer than we thought. You know, I feel safe opening up to him. I actually told him about my religion problems – my doubts. And I told him about my family. Like, actually. The crappy part of my family. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that, other than ML.

Walked into the game-y room, where I was swarmed by acquaintances who wanted to take pictures and gush about my dress. I actually had the same conversation (if you even call it that) with 10 different girls – the “OMIGOD GIRL YOU LOOK GORGEOUS I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!!” and my responding “Hey…um…ditto.” Because I both am awkward and dislike meaningless insincere exchanges like that.

Played some games with WB, took a photo booth, then headed up to the dance floor to scold CMM for ditching her poor date, who is the sweetest guy. We found her…um…all over…everyone? I really, really, did not want to cut in to what was going on there, so I just started dancing.

And that was it. We danced for the rest of the night, just total rock out, going crazy, but not in a naughty way, dancing. So great 🙂

And the party bus home was pretty much the same.

We got tired near home and danced with our feet for a bit in the weirdest way possible, but it was fun.

Prahm 2014


So it was slightly awk, because I caught a glimpse of WB grinding with CMM for a sec.


I just kept dancing because what the heck. I was gonna have fun either way.

He quit that really fast, I think (I wasn’t watching), but he came up to me was all “Still no grinding?”, referencing our conversation from months ago.

And I was just…”Nope.” Sweet smile. 

And he nodded and it was chill.

Sorry, I didn’t feel like being a slut and compromising both my reputation and our friendship. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, when we got to the dance, we checked in our stuff and basically headed out to the balcony, where it was nice and private. And we just talked. That’ honestly what I love doing most with WB.

We had this honest conversation, and I asked him why he’d grinded with CMM, and he was just kind of disappointed in himself. 

On the party bus home, CMM was just going crazy. Literally giving lap dances to 5 different guys on the bus, all of whose dates were THERE, WATCHING. 

The first guy she approached was WB.

I was dancing a few feet from him, not really paying attention, but when I turned a bit I saw CMM, whispering in WB’s ear. And I totally knew.

But you know what was super gratifying? Watching him shake his head. And then watching her talk to him a bit more, then get on him, then watching him actually fight her and push her away. 

Now that was really satisfying.

I asked him about it later, at the fast food place we stopped at. And he was just like, of course I wouldn’t.

It’s just a nice feeling.

Prahm 2014

Hey, so…that ^^^ doesn’t happen every day. Deserving of a post, I’d say.

I got ready at CM’s house, third wheeled with her boyfriend TC when he showed up. More on him later. 

Off to the party bus house, half an hour late. WB was already there, and we got right down to business with the corsage and boutonniere – I had experience, this time, and it totally stayed on. Solid.

We hung around, chatting, taking pictures. Ate some Italian food, sitting with WB, CM, and TC. Nice and easy conversation.

Party bus time…ha. The music came on, and this group was slightly more awkward than the last bus. Everyone was just sitting down for the first 10 minutes, watching RH goof off and WB occasionally joining him. It was actually hilarious, as RH always is. But that got old, and then we were just sitting there. 

So I did something. Because there was no way I was going to sit there awkwardly the entire time. I mean, the music was too loud to hold a conversation, and there was really nothing to do but dance. 

So I did. I got up, started dancing, and pulled up a few people to join me, and just like that, the entire bus was kind of self-consciously dancing. SO FUNNY. They got over themselves really quickly though, and it got fun. 

I’ve realized that the way to have fun and dances is to really just not give a crap about how you look when you’re dancing. Just dance. Just dance, do whatever, and forget about whether anyone else is dancing. If you have fun, it’s contagious. I just closed my eyes and rocked out solo, and when I opened them, people were dancing right along with me.

Hot Drummer

Went to see my one of my favorite concertos today, completely spontaneously. It was great, naturally.

But the after ‘party’ – just a jazz group in the lobby of the symphony hall. Four old dudes and one very young one. 

I didn’t even notice him at first, until he had a solo. And then I noticed him. 

He wasn’t even hot in a conventional way. He was hot in a my-type sort of way. As in, musician who legitly loves the music; dark, scuffed up hair, lean but muscly build. Glasses, tan skin – he was cute. He made these great faces when he got really into the music – I love that so much. They were weird, yeah, but I just thought it was quirky.

I don’t know if I was imagining it, but I’m pretty sure we made eye contact more than a few times. I would catch him looking at me through the corner of my eyes.

I was so tempted to get his number. Oh man, I wish I did. Not that it would go anywhere, but just I’ve never gotten a guy’s number like that before. And what did I have to lose? Ugh.