Prom 2014: The rundown

Overall? Prom 2014 was a blast; the night went by way too quickly, and I would do it over again in a second. The rundown: Talked about life, religion, and family on the balcony outside with WB. I had no sense of time. It went by really quickly, but I think it might of beenContinue reading “Prom 2014: The rundown”

Prahm 2014

Hey, so…that ^^^ doesn’t happen every day. Deserving of a post, I’d say. I got ready at CM’s house, third wheeled with her boyfriend TC when he showed up. More on him later.  Off to the party bus house, half an hour late. WB was already there, and we got right down to business withContinue reading “Prahm 2014”

Hot Drummer

Went to see my one of my favorite concertos today, completely spontaneously. It was great, naturally. But the after ‘party’ – just a jazz group in the lobby of the symphony hall. Four old dudes and one very young one.  I didn’t even notice him at first, until he had a solo. And then IContinue reading “Hot Drummer”