Hot Drummer

Went to see my one of my favorite concertos today, completely spontaneously. It was great, naturally.

But the after ‘party’ – just a jazz group in the lobby of the symphony hall. Four old dudes and one very young one. 

I didn’t even notice him at first, until he had a solo. And then I noticed him. 

He wasn’t even hot in a conventional way. He was hot in a my-type sort of way. As in, musician who legitly loves the music; dark, scuffed up hair, lean but muscly build. Glasses, tan skin – he was cute. He made these great faces when he got really into the music – I love that so much. They were weird, yeah, but I just thought it was quirky.

I don’t know if I was imagining it, but I’m pretty sure we made eye contact more than a few times. I would catch him looking at me through the corner of my eyes.

I was so tempted to get his number. Oh man, I wish I did. Not that it would go anywhere, but just I’ve never gotten a guy’s number like that before. And what did I have to lose? Ugh.


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