Prahm 2014


So it was slightly awk, because I caught a glimpse of WB grinding with CMM for a sec.


I just kept dancing because what the heck. I was gonna have fun either way.

He quit that really fast, I think (I wasn’t watching), but he came up to me was all “Still no grinding?”, referencing our conversation from months ago.

And I was just…”Nope.” Sweet smile. 

And he nodded and it was chill.

Sorry, I didn’t feel like being a slut and compromising both my reputation and our friendship. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, when we got to the dance, we checked in our stuff and basically headed out to the balcony, where it was nice and private. And we just talked. That’ honestly what I love doing most with WB.

We had this honest conversation, and I asked him why he’d grinded with CMM, and he was just kind of disappointed in himself. 

On the party bus home, CMM was just going crazy. Literally giving lap dances to 5 different guys on the bus, all of whose dates were THERE, WATCHING. 

The first guy she approached was WB.

I was dancing a few feet from him, not really paying attention, but when I turned a bit I saw CMM, whispering in WB’s ear. And I totally knew.

But you know what was super gratifying? Watching him shake his head. And then watching her talk to him a bit more, then get on him, then watching him actually fight her and push her away. 

Now that was really satisfying.

I asked him about it later, at the fast food place we stopped at. And he was just like, of course I wouldn’t.

It’s just a nice feeling.


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