Can I just talk about last night? And ignore how shallow I am? Volunteered at an event. I got there, caught the eye of this cute guy, but kept going to check in. And you know what? He was my volunteer partner. Well, yay 🙂 Let’s call him LA. He was so easy to talk toContinue reading “LA, KD, PJ”


So, I’m a terrible person. First day of class, I was doing my extroverted, friendly act. The one that pulls in tons of people, and that I’ve learned to use. It’s very effective. It’s partly become my personality, because my personality’s definitely changed significantly in the past year (starting with, but not completely because of,Continue reading “KY”

JW and my Music Tech Prof

JW. Remember him? Awesome guy, my Yoji bear, made hilarious faces, gives great hugs. His voice. Well, man, when I met my Music Tech Professor, I gotta say: I really liked him. You know when you get that feeling? Like, this dude is awesome. Today, I was sitting in class, and he pulled this funny jokeContinue reading “JW and my Music Tech Prof”

Page turnin’ with the stars

So, today I ushered a chamber music concert at the local library.  It was my first time ushering, and it had been extremely last minute, but I was excited and having a blast. As I ripped the ticket stubs, one of the stage people came up to me. “Do you play an instrument?” he asked.Continue reading “Page turnin’ with the stars”