Page turnin’ with the stars

So, today I ushered a chamber music concert at the local library. 

It was my first time ushering, and it had been extremely last minute, but I was excited and having a blast.

As I ripped the ticket stubs, one of the stage people came up to me. “Do you play an instrument?” he asked. Thinking he was just making conversation, I said yes, and boomeranged the question.

A bit later, the director pulled me out and asked if I would page-turn for the concert.

Sorry, what?

I was crazy nervous, and they took me to meet the musicians so I could get the road map. As the pianist (who, by the way, happens to be a professor at a pretty prestigious music school – also, by the way, I had no knowledge of this) showed me the repeats and such, it sort of washed over me. I was pretty lost.

The musicians were so nice and friendly – crazy. You know the crazy thing? They were so totally nervous. They were cracking jokes and such, but you could tell – they were laughing nervously, wiping their hands on their clothes. The stage guy could tell, and he just told them “As a trick – just a bit of advice that I’ve learned from my job – if you mess up, don’t stop and say ‘crap’. You can say ‘crap’, but don’t stop.” Pretty funny.

Anyway, on the second page (it was on the left side) I stood up, put out my hand and took hold of the corner, stood a bit, then realized that I was an idiot. She just continued onto the right page. I sat back down.

I did that twice, actually. 

I was pretty nervous.

Eh. It went great otherwise, and I had an amazing experience, and I could not stop staring at her hands in disbelief that I was getting such an up-close view, WITH the score in front of me, AND I could see her amazing technique (she had such gorgeous tone!) and AGH. I want to do it again.


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