WB Dream

Ok, WB’s not even in it at the beginning.

I’m underground, in a bathroom, and the light is yellow. I sit down in a stall, when I hear this talking in the next stall. I don’t know who it is, but it sounds like they’re getting high.

I go quiet, but they realize that there’s somebody there. I start to panic even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal. I get out as fast as I can, but when I come out, there KS, my friend. She doesn’t seem to recognize me, but she’s totally burnt. I look in the other stall, and there’s AD, who’s also totally burnt. I run out of there a fast as I can. 

I walk out of this underground bathroom into the underground tunnel. Sometime while I’m walking, WB shows up and we talk – our typical random, interesting conversations. I tell him about the bathroom scene. He laughs, and I laugh.

Sometime during this, a lot of people have showed up, all from my school. We’re all walking in the tunnel, and WB and I are walking together, talking. We all come out into the fresh air and stop – to watch something, I think.

There’s a lot of people, and I keep walking at my own pace – WB starts to get lost. When we stop, he puts his hand on my left shoulder and pulls me towards him. I look back, confused, but he does it again. I’m comfortable with this. MG (in band) walks by me, and his profile looks strangely like WB…CP is next to me, chuckling – he knows what’s up – and MC EMC’s bro is on the other side of CP, and MC jumps up in front of me with his sassiness and asks “How do you not notice him when he’s being so obvious?” I look back at WB, and he’s smiling, and he puts both hands on my shoulders and pulls me towards him. And it feels so good. He pulls me out of the crowd, around the corner, and as he’s pulling me he says “Whenever you want, ____”. I’m confused – “what?”, but I’m laughing and smiling. And he repeats it, smiling, too. 

And then we’re face to face, and we’re looking at each other, when MC comes and totally ruins the moment.

I don’t quite remember what happened next, but it seems that everyone gets into the pool to clean up all the balls and bits of random things and whatnot. I jump in, too, forgetting about WB – I don’t think he jumps in. WB’s ex is in there, too, having a blast. We’re all cleaning the pool and the water is warm, and WB disappears from my consciousness.

And that’s it.

Here’s what I think. The bathroom scene is kind of like KY (previous post, people) – I’m scared of the corruption that could happen.

I think the WB part is obvious. I’m totally crushing and there’s no way to deny it.

I don’t know what the pool is about.

There were odd parts, but honestly, just because of the WB part, it was such a good dream.


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