Can I just talk about last night? And ignore how shallow I am?

Volunteered at an event. I got there, caught the eye of this cute guy, but kept going to check in. And you know what? He was my volunteer partner.

Well, yay ūüôā

Let’s call him LA. He¬†was so easy to talk to – we carried easy banter the entire night. We got each other’s number in the first hour.

This guy from his school came up and awkwardly stood by us, and I asked LA why…LA told me that that random guy was into me. Um…okay? But since LA is totally hot and completely nice, I wondered that if he thought other guys were into me for no good reason, did he think I was hot?

And he made this joke – I asked him what he wanted¬†to do (we had some free time), and he responded, “I don’t know, make out for half an hour?” I gave him this ‘come on’ look, and he laughed sheepishly. This is shallow, because I literally met him that night, but I would have been totally down for it.¬†

The night went on. Turns out we have a mutual friend, KD, so he called him up and KD showed, with some other guys – one, PJ, and some others. They were all really, really nice to me.

After we were done volunteering, there were people dancing – we just joined in. Why the heck not?

LA left, and I walked around the town with KD and PJ…after a bit, PJ had to go in a hurry, but he looked me in the eye and said “I’m really sad that we didn’t get to talk tonight, but…” and he went to pull his phone out. I stopped him – he really was in a rush – and he said “Here, I’ll just get your number from KD, and we’ll talk more later.” And I just kind of went along with it – sure…?

KD and I walked a bit more, and he actually opened up to me – about being friendzoned, about being rejected, about how LA apparently made out with his ex, and about moving all over his whole life – nightmares and fears.

Oh, and another thing.

Earlier in the night, the guys had been whispering while I wasn’t looking, and doing that punching each other thing, laughing.

KD told me that PJ was single.

Later, he asked me where WB and I was…I almost told him, but I brushed it off. “We’re just friends,” I said. And we are…

A bit later, he asked if I liked PJ. Just in general. I told him yes, because I really do. PJ seemed so genuine and sincere – he left in an emergency because his friend was in trouble. And from what KD told me, he’s a loyal guy and a great friend to KD – not the type to just ditch him ever. And then he asked me if I would actually text him back. And I said yeah, why not?¬†

And then he got this sneaky face and did this eyebrow thing and I just kind of ignored it.

Guys are such hopeless romantics – EC, WB, ML, and now KD. It’s adorable.¬†

Drove home, got there around midnight…I don’t think my parents know about curfew.


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