This is interesting, because it captures how I felt exactly. I was doing all these academic things, and succeeding. 
And then I talked to WB a bit, and it got me thinking.
He does so many projects for himself – not for school, not for really any point, but just because they interest him. 
I’ve realized that I need to do that, too. I always try to be ‘productive’, and it’s come so that I choose homework over doing things that would make me a more complex, developed human being.


APRIL 25, 2014

Sam Krovocheck

Age 19, Milford, Mass.

Writing, Pratt Institute

I’VE BEEN READING “A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES.” It’s really funny. I’d never heard of it before, you know? Before it was usually just Russian writers that I was reading: Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky and that stuff.

This year I feel like I’ve been learning, but I haven’t been doing much. I haven’t been really working on my own writing much. It’s just been what I’ve been handing in to class — academic stuff. But next year I want to work more on my own writing, maybe submitting it somewhere or starting something. Maybe my own literary magazine. Start distributing my own ’zine. That’ll be my motivation — start a project.


Creds go to this link:


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