“Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light.” Blessed also is HONY. Us and Them – Pink Floyd – That reverb doe Let’s throw it back to N’Sync and Tarzan Some dainty Bach for ya – F Sharp Major, WTC Book 2 “Parallels and Paradoxes” – Barenboim and Said – music and philosophy […]


KD. Ok. KD is the king of responding to texts. Actually, he’s the king of texting. So, we’ve been texting pretty awesomely for the past three weeks or so. We got to be friends, and I played wing woman for him and JS, which was followed by ‘shoulder-to-cry-on’ when that didn’t work out. We hung […]


Me, Thursday morning: No definite plans for the weekend? I’ll send out a few texts. SS, Thursday morning: Come to a party. Slightly ashamed, but I took her up on it. To be honest, I’d been wanting to try going to a party since summer started, just to say that could. So that my ‘oh, […]