Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness.

I saw R, from my recording arts class, just, ya know, walking home in the heat.

The next time I saw him, I offered him a ride…didn’t know him that well, but whatever.

And I gave him rides up until my last day.

He told me about his life – so different from mine. No car, his dad’s in the military, and his entire family walks places. He walked a solid 8 miles to the class each day. Told me he took the bus sometimes – I was shocked, because I honestly didn’t think anyone actually used those buses.

He listens to Mariachi music, moved back and forth from each coast his entire childhood…I don’t know. I just would never have guessed. I’m glad I got to know him. I’m glad I gave him that random ride.



I saw the bag on the table when I came in through the front door.

“Who’s here?”

I rummaged around and found KS’s ID card.


I turned to find my brother smiling. I peeked around the corner into the kitchen, looking for KS and AD. They’d visited me, I thought. How awesome.

And from behind the couch, out jumped a group of basically all my close friends this year. I think the confusion was stuck on my face for about 5 seconds before I reacted.

So, I guess my friends threw me a surprise birthday party.


WB and CP played me a happy birthday duet on the saxophone. SS and MB made me banana bread. We stood around talking for a bit, ate lunch, and headed to the pool (for me, somewhat reluctantly…I was really planning on practicing…), where my brother pushed me in, as always, and we all played keep away for a solid hour, and KS actually got in the pool with no makeup. Which was actually pretty frikin’ amazing for me.

Aggg even though the party tired me out and I didn’t get to practice a lot and it wasn’t convenient and I felt awkward at times, it honestly makes me feel so great that I have friends who are close enough to me to pull this thing together.

Very interesting though; I have a few different sections of friends – different activities and whatnot. It was odd to see them all together, because they’ve always been separate in my life. Like WB, CP, and JL are band. MB, SS, KS, AD make up the middle school/old friend group. CM, ED, PD are the APUSH crew. KW, bafflingly, was there – church. And KD was just kind of there.

And HAHAHA KD dropped off some random snacks for me – inside joke, but so great. 🙂


“Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light.” Blessed also is HONY.

Us and Them – Pink Floyd – That reverb doe

Let’s throw it back to N’Sync and Tarzan

Some dainty Bach for ya – F Sharp Major, WTC Book 2

“Parallels and Paradoxes” – Barenboim and Said – music and philosophy and life and society and what more could I possibly want in a book

Mini greek yogurt pretzels that have a slightly funky aftertaste

Hotel shampoo and conditioner bottles everywhere

Hiding that stupid ugly bag from my mom under my bed

Summer Social Life: Week 3

Monday: 2nd guitar lesson with AS. I drove to her house, and we played out the usual ‘we should hang out!’ conversation, both knowing that we wouldn’t actually.

Tuesday: Gave dude a ride home. Taco Tuesday with JS after class. She rejected KD. We talked about guys.

Wednesday: I…can’t remember? Probably nothing. I think I talked with the piano major at the college. Tried out the piano for recording – apparently they could all hear my Ocean Etude, because he made a comment when I walked out.

Thursday: Gave that dude a ride home. Then Ganja. Party. Alcohol. High people are fun to be around. Slept over there.

Friday: July 4th church barbecue. The funnest water balloon fight ever. Deep, honest conversation with KW during fireworks. Had a random comment text from WB whenI got home.

Saturday: Tutored MB for math in the morning, then out for ice skating in the afternoon until dinner, watched the sunset.

Sunday: PD run. Beach with AH (yeah, that AH. It’s been a while); we forgot sunscreen. Got in 3 hours of practice before meeting up with WB and his entourage for jazz and dinner.


So here’s the thing about WB. He’ll text me randomly, and he’ll talk to me and whatnot, but he’s shy about initiating interactions in person.

He’ll invite me places – over text – but then he won’t talk to me when we’re together in a group.

We went ice skating on Saturday. I brought KD, and then there was CM, her friend, her bro, his friend, and then WB, his bro, and his friend. He spent the whole time talking to his friend, KD, and his bro. I mean, he didn’t even sit next to me when we were putting on our skates. Which is really awkward, because we were all putting on our skates together, and the only open seat was next to me, and he chose to sit an entire row over. Alone. Um. Ok?

And then he completely ignored me the entire time we ice skated. Like, I tried to skate next to him. And he just would start up a conversation with his friend.

And then the whole thing at the jazz concert – he just left. Without saying anything to me, without even looking at me, and trust me, I was trying to make eye contact.

Get my feel?

I mean, when it’s just WB and I, it’s great. I love it. But when there’re other people there, it’s like we’re not even friends.

Jazz Nights

Headed out for my second jazz night. I thought it would be WB, CP, and I.

Turns out WB has a habit of not telling people who else will be there, because after he walked me inside, he led me to the table, where his cousin, his dad, and his grandma were sitting. A family friend and her son showed up. All of which is totally fine, just…it would have been nice to know.

Anyway, dinner was fine. I told the waitress to put me on a separate bill, just as WB’s dad offered to pay. Typical awkward me-move.

WB got up to sit closer to the music – didn’t make eye contact, didn’t say anything to me, and left. Um, ok? I stayed with everyone else out of politeness, because, like, he didn’t invite me, and I couldn’t just leave his family. Hi, awkward.

After a bit, his grandma suggested I got sit with him. Now excused to leave, I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. He was pretty happy to see me, which confuses me – see next post.

Whatever. Anyway, they left around 8:30, and I stayed because my mom was busy until 10. Of course, I didn’t let them know that. WB’s grandma stayed and talked to me for a bit – I like her, and according to WB, she says I’m odd in that I’m extremely confident and whatnot. Which, I mean, I’m more than fine with.

I’m also building up a little banter with some of the regulars there, and the performers. They all waved at me, stopped by my solo table for a chat…it’s nice. I love that I know about them without knowing their names.