Me, Thursday morning: No definite plans for the weekend? I’ll send out a few texts.
SS, Thursday morning: Come to a party.

Slightly ashamed, but I took her up on it. To be honest, I’d been wanting to try going to a party since summer started, just to say that could. So that my ‘oh, I don’t party or drink’ would have more teeth, you know? That it wasn’t because I didn’t get invited to parties, but that I just didn’t enjoy it. Had better things to do.

Yes, I’m completely ashamed of the way that I think and the way that I care about what my peers think.

Anyway, I told my parents that I was sleeping over at MB’s, MB told her parents that she was sleeping over at SS’s, and SS told her parents that she was sleeping over at mine.

Headed to the party. Walked in – shots, beer, everything.

It wasn’t really what I expected. I was honestly really excited to dance, but it was a pretty chill house party. I didn’t plan on getting drunk. I’d come to dance. I was a bit bummed.

Honestly, it was kind of stupid. Everyone was just drinking to get drunk. I had a bit of rum, because I actually like it, but just a tiny shot. I washed it down with a water bottle and sat back to watch everyone.

I got talking to a guy from Texas – in college, on his first beer. He seemed to enjoy telling me about how very ‘shit-faced’ he got at parties. I actually liked talking to him.

Actually, I really liked talking. While people played beer pong and whatnot, I kind of sat on the couch enjoying myself and let whoever approach me and just talk. That was pretty much the night.

There was a funny conversation that I had with pretty much every person there. It went, “You seem sober.” “I am.” “Why?” “Eh, I just don’t like beer.” “You should get drunk.” “Nah, thanks.” And then our actual conversation would begin.

I got offered weed – ‘ganja’ – by the same guy about 8 times throughout the night. It shocked me how many hits he took. It was ridiculous.

The Texas guy I’d been talking to took about 6 hits within 2 hours, drank more than a few beers, then decided he was hungry. He drove and got a burger. How he made it back, I have no idea.

In all, a pretty pleasant experience. I like parties. No need to get drunk, just talking, laughing at some ridiculous events…I would do it again, sure.


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