Jazz Nights

Headed out for my second jazz night. I thought it would be WB, CP, and I.

Turns out WB has a habit of not telling people who else will be there, because after he walked me inside, he led me to the table, where his cousin, his dad, and his grandma were sitting. A family friend and her son showed up. All of which is totally fine, just…it would have been nice to know.

Anyway, dinner was fine. I told the waitress to put me on a separate bill, just as WB’s dad offered to pay. Typical awkward me-move.

WB got up to sit closer to the music – didn’t make eye contact, didn’t say anything to me, and left. Um, ok? I stayed with everyone else out of politeness, because, like, he didn’t invite me, and I couldn’t just leave his family. Hi, awkward.

After a bit, his grandma suggested I got sit with him. Now excused to leave, I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. He was pretty happy to see me, which confuses me – see next post.

Whatever. Anyway, they left around 8:30, and I stayed because my mom was busy until 10. Of course, I didn’t let them know that. WB’s grandma stayed and talked to me for a bit – I like her, and according to WB, she says I’m odd in that I’m extremely confident and whatnot. Which, I mean, I’m more than fine with.

I’m also building up a little banter with some of the regulars there, and the performers. They all waved at me, stopped by my solo table for a chat…it’s nice. I love that I know about them without knowing their names.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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