Summer Social Life: Week 3

Monday: 2nd guitar lesson with AS. I drove to her house, and we played out the usual ‘we should hang out!’ conversation, both knowing that we wouldn’t actually.

Tuesday: Gave dude a ride home. Taco Tuesday with JS after class. She rejected KD. We talked about guys.

Wednesday: I…can’t remember? Probably nothing. I think I talked with the piano major at the college. Tried out the piano for recording – apparently they could all hear my Ocean Etude, because he made a comment when I walked out.

Thursday: Gave that dude a ride home. Then Ganja. Party. Alcohol. High people are fun to be around. Slept over there.

Friday: July 4th church barbecue. The funnest water balloon fight ever. Deep, honest conversation with KW during fireworks. Had a random comment text from WB whenI got home.

Saturday: Tutored MB for math in the morning, then out for ice skating in the afternoon until dinner, watched the sunset.

Sunday: PD run. Beach with AH (yeah, that AH. It’s been a while); we forgot sunscreen. Got in 3 hours of practice before meeting up with WB and his entourage for jazz and dinner.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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