So here’s the thing about WB. He’ll text me randomly, and he’ll talk to me and whatnot, but he’s shy about initiating interactions in person.

He’ll invite me places – over text – but then he won’t talk to me when we’re together in a group.

We went ice skating on Saturday. I brought KD, and then there was CM, her friend, her bro, his friend, and then WB, his bro, and his friend. He spent the whole time talking to his friend, KD, and his bro. I mean, he didn’t even sit next to me when we were putting on our skates. Which is really awkward, because we were all putting on our skates together, and the only open seat was next to me, and he chose to sit an entire row over. Alone. Um. Ok?

And then he completely ignored me the entire time we ice skated. Like, I tried to skate next to him. And he just would start up a conversation with his friend.

And then the whole thing at the jazz concert – he just left. Without saying anything to me, without even looking at me, and trust me, I was trying to make eye contact.

Get my feel?

I mean, when it’s just WB and I, it’s great. I love it. But when there’re other people there, it’s like we’re not even friends.

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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