I saw the bag on the table when I came in through the front door.

“Who’s here?”

I rummaged around and found KS’s ID card.


I turned to find my brother smiling. I peeked around the corner into the kitchen, looking for KS and AD. They’d visited me, I thought. How awesome.

And from behind the couch, out jumped a group of basically all my close friends this year. I think the confusion was stuck on my face for about 5 seconds before I reacted.

So, I guess my friends threw me a surprise birthday party.


WB and CP played me a happy birthday duet on the saxophone. SS and MB made me banana bread. We stood around talking for a bit, ate lunch, and headed to the pool (for me, somewhat reluctantly…I was really planning on practicing…), where my brother pushed me in, as always, and we all played keep away for a solid hour, and KS actually got in the pool with no makeup. Which was actually pretty frikin’ amazing for me.

Aggg even though the party tired me out and I didn’t get to practice a lot and it wasn’t convenient and I felt awkward at times, it honestly makes me feel so great that I have friends who are close enough to me to pull this thing together.

Very interesting though; I have a few different sections of friends – different activities and whatnot. It was odd to see them all together, because they’ve always been separate in my life. Like WB, CP, and JL are band. MB, SS, KS, AD make up the middle school/old friend group. CM, ED, PD are the APUSH crew. KW, bafflingly, was there – church. And KD was just kind of there.

And HAHAHA KD dropped off some random snacks for me – inside joke, but so great. 🙂

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A journal written for me, by me. Bonus points for me if other people like reading it.

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