1st day

of school! CP brought me lunch. In a brown bag. With a smiley face and my name on it. Made with love, from his mom. SO GREAT. Classes went pretty well, all around. I have friends in my classes that I haven’t had classes with since elementary school – we squealed about that just aContinue reading “1st day”


Band camp. We both saw each other when I arrived late. We didn’t say anything, but he came over, awkwardly, as he does, and dropped his fork into the utensil pile. Looking directly at me, he said, “I didn’t use it.” After I nodded a bit confusedly (…why are you telling me this?), he statedContinue reading “WB”

Shooting stars

Band camp was fun, in general. Really, my favorite part was after the campfire, when JL, CP, TI, ND, WB and I all just sat in our chairs, tipped our heads back, and looked at the stars…I never see stars back home, because of light pollution and all that, but out in the campgrounds, thereContinue reading “Shooting stars”

Camp Counselor-ing – The Asian Trio

The first day was so awful. I wanted to curl up and cry in the corner, like one of the kids. Scratch that, two of the kids. Maybe three. I must admit, I pick favorites. The three Japanese, non-English speaking kids. MK is the (semi) responsible older sister – she’s 8. She’s intelligent – sheContinue reading “Camp Counselor-ing – The Asian Trio”

Talking to WB

WB and I planned a phone call the other day, about band, and then about school. Band-wise, he actually volunteered to go to an activity late so he could drive me, which totally made my day. School-wise, we had the same schedule problem, and we were going to devise a solution together. But honestly, phone-call-wise,Continue reading “Talking to WB”