2014 Music Camp #1: 7/13

Oh, goodness. This place is such a wreck. I can’t even.
I drove up here yesterday.
“Room mates are assigned according to age,” the email assured me.
My roommates are 12. 12.
They’re incredibly sweet and adorable and innocent, but really.
We had nothing to do the first day…we watched a movie. Orientation was a mess as well.
I went to talk with the organizer about my room – there was a huge mob of people. The only good thing that came out of all that was that I met some people my age – one, a guy, MF. He’s actually a pianist, and we have mutual friends. We headed out together at 11 or so to stake out practice rooms, plus we made plans for breakfast.
We met at like 6:45 and practiced all morning. I had a chamber rehearsal, then we met again for lunch, and then I spent the afternoon half searching for practice rooms and half getting kicked out of the nice rooms. Ugh.
I guess we kind of just became friends that way.
And the audition….bad. Just bad. All these college kids, from top conservatories, and then me. MF is frikin’ amazing, though.
3 more weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to last.


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