2014 Music Camp #2: 7/16

Well, this place still doesn’t replace last summer in my head or heart, but it’s not nearly as terrible as I thought. Actually, I remember hating camp last summer the first day or so, too. I guess I always just kind of need to settle into the rhythm of a place. Get into my groove.
Ok, well, I haven’t written in a few days.
Monday: I think I remember practicing in the nice rooms. Little did I know that that would be a precious rarity – I didn’t know to treasure it, yet. Also had my first lesson. I came out kind of discouraged, but he’s really an amazing teacher. I filled up 3 pages with lesson notes. Oh, and chamber music coaching. I LOVE CHAMBER MUSIC. And the coach was so great – plenty of acting and descriptions, which is so effective on me.
Tuesday: The day of the uprights….the nice rooms are a miracle if we manage to get an hour. The uprights are hot and unbearable -I quickly got over my self-consciousness and just left the door open. Also the first faculty concert – an amazing Beethoven, a Brahms that put me to sleep, a spicy Tango, and an amazing Shostakovich.
Wednesday: Um…let’s just say I’m getting so exhausted. Chamber coaching in the uprights…yes, that happened…lesson at 2, and a viola masterclass at 3. Dinner, then I somehow got the nice rooms for 4 hours. Too bad I was too dead to get anything done.
Overall, the food isn’t nearly as bad as we all complain. And there’s always beans.
I made kind of automatic friends with MF. We’ve got our routine down pat – 6:45 breakfast, practice, 12 lunch, stuff, 5 dinner. I’m not sure when we because friends. It just sort of happened.
And then this girl, AC, just kind of joined us and made a trio. Which, I mean, is fine.
So yay. This place is bearable, discouraging, and tiring, yet inspiring.


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