2014 Music Camp #4: 7/18

I lost my phone.
Page flipping rehearsal with the faculty quintet I was dragged into on Wednesday.
I honestly love watching rehearsals – I find them enormously educational – but also just plain fascinating. Why the performers do this or that.
My teacher drove me to the small hall for the 2nd half of the cello masterclass. I missed KL’s performance.
Concert – the waiting room was interesting. I experienced the same thing as last time; teachers getting nervous. It’s both refreshing and comforting for me. The cellist was antsy and lamenting how her Beethoven had gone. The violinist was score studying. The second violinist was score studying. The first violinist was jump, pacing, doing stretches.

“What movement are they on?”
“There’s no intermission?!?!”
“Are there a lot people?”
“Is it warm on stage?”
“Are the lights bright?”
Violinist joked about the pianist having nightmares about going to play the violin on stage. Then he muttered “I know I do.”, and left pretty fast.
The pianist came, shadowed played, rubbing his hands – he was nervous.
Went on stage, performed. Page was fine.
He sang and hunmmed as he performed. He’s so stocky – kind of like a dwarf. I could see him shaking, missing notes, flubbing passage. Just so reassuring for me.
These professionals – they’re totally human. And hey – everyone is.


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