2014 Music Camp #10: 7/24

Chamber coaching went…eh. Actually, kind of bad. I’m the weak link.
Lunch – sat outside and had a conversation with MF about our lives back home. He’s the kind of person who seems to be good at whatever he sets his mind to – before piano, he was extremely athletic, apparently. Athletic (potential) and talented and fun and nice and THOSE EYES. Oh, no.
Did laundry – I left an apology starburst.
Dinner was super fun. I just remember laughing a lot, and AC wasn’t there. He stole some of my apples and peanut butter, which means we’re good enough friends to be rude to each other.
That night, he performed with faculty (because he’s a frikin’ prodigy) and I page flipped. I love seeing performers close up – he was disappointed, though. Didn’t even stay to watch the others.
It was nice being there for him when he was nervous. I feel like me being there helped him.
I’m going to miss MF – but I feel like he won’t miss me.


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