2014 Music Camp #11: 7/25

Lesson at 1.
Talked to RH for a bit.
Master class a bit late – MF saw me and smiled, and laughed his head off as I tripped over a chair on the way over.
Dinner was decent. MF dipped chicken in my water?
We were all hyper after, and somehow AC and I lost MF, after which he blacked all our calls, texted us a picture of a mysterious grand piano, and taunted us to find it.
We just drew each others essence. HAH.
Showered, looked out the window to see them yelling at me for the concert. I talked about periods and tampons on the way there, which is basically a sign that I’m super comfortable with them. Like ML.
I didn’t sit by MF, but at the end he came and hit me with his stupid room key. We walked out and spontaneously decided to watch TV in his dorm.
There was this one moment when I laughed and said to MF “you’re funny”, maaaaybe in a slightly flirty voice. My roomies turned around and gave each other looks, which I dearly hope Matt didn’t see, and which I covered up by being friendzoney. Oh dear.


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