2014 Music Camp #12: 7/26

Yesterday – don’t quite remember all the details. There was a student concert – 2 of them. MF played a nocturne, and we ran off to watch the chamber concert with RH and the roomies.
MF had signed me up for the ping pong tournament (which I crossed out, and was promptly signed up again by my roommates), so hey, I was a good sport. I made it past 1st round, but got out on 2nd – I’m proud to say it was not slaughter, and a bunch of guys cheered for me.
MF was all cocky until he got beat by my 12-year-old rookie KL – HAH. I rubbed that in his face, while he palmed me in the face. True friendship.
I talked with my dorm mates up late, and found out – MB likes MF. Whaaaa. He kind of sees her as the most awkward little girl ever. Not sure what to do.


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