2014 Music Camp #14: 7/28

On my period…yeah.
MF took a nap from breakfast to lunch – I really should have, too, because I got nothing done.
Chamber coaching went well.
MB was down again, but I texted her that MF missed her, and she joined us for lunch – hah.
We talked a lot after lunch (which was fun), and then we all tried to work. You know what I got done? I managed to lose my phone – I searched for an hour or so – I borrowed this stranger’s phone to call it, and frikin’ MF comes out of his practice room to MOCK me.
But everyone was all nice and concerned – I was so out of it and period. I could not function.
Dinner was a haze.
Went back to the dorm and just was so delirious – I vaguely remember ranting about the spikeyness of my hairbrush…
The concert – I fell asleep the 1st half. Intermission was just me lying on MF and RH. MF: “She’s being impossible.”
BUT the 2nd half of was the C Major Schubert Quintet – so amazing. Turned my day around.
Good ending to a just crappy day 🙂


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